The evolution of the web site

May 2, 2005
Java Studio Creator
During 2006
July, 2006
Fall, 2009
January 28, 2010
~ March, 1995

The earliest known snapshot of (also known then as trumpeting a new browser called "HotJava."
~ later March

New features, including  search, and announcing a new newsgroup!

May 23, 1995

Sun formally introduces the Java platform to the world, via the front page of its site.

Netscape announces it will include Java technology with its popular browser.

Thoughout later 1995

The site is the central hub for information about this exciting emerging technology.

This "nine icons" design by Marsh Chamberlain and Lisa Friendly was popular and attractive.

March, 1996

The high speed of technology growth forces a redesign and restructuring of our content.

August, 1996

To help us cope with the "newsy" aura surrounding the Java platform, we switch to a magazine format. (This cover is from January, 1997.)

February, 1997

We quickly find that even a magzine format isn't nimble enough to accommodate the speed of the growth in the technology.

With the explosion of new Java platform technologies, the "new" format is obviously showing some strain.

March, 1997

We move to a more flexible front page, which can be updated daily.

Also introduced is the popular Products & APIs index.

March, 1997

The Java Developer Connection introduces its new look.

November, 1998
We launch the Java Industry Connection to provide easy access to news, customer stories, and product announcements.
June, 1999

The last page in the previous design.

June 10, 1999

We launch a new unified design across, the Java Developer Connection, the Java Industry Connection, and other Java technology sites.

~ June, 2001

An updated version of the previous design, aimed at making it easier to find key downloads and topics, such as J2SE and J2EE.

December 5, 2003

A dramatic new redesign and information architecture, organized around the most important visitor tasks.

May 2, 2005 As part of a design update to all the Sun web sites, we moved to this design. Some minor navigational and content improvements during this era also. I was sad to see the masthead picture go, but we had plans to add more team photos within the site (see next).
During 2005 Not a home page, but an example of a more engaging design we're using for some tools and platform areas. This one features Java Studio Creator team members in the big pictures at the top. (Because of tabs and subtabs, this design also crams in lot of information in a compact space.)
April/May, 2006

We simplified the home page designs a bit, added more elbow room for content, and added pulldown menus at the top to make it much easier to navigate to key locations.

July, 2006

A visual update that also helps categorize content so it's easier for you to scan visually.


Some navigational changes in the masthead. Addition of more detailed customer feedback capability (via OpinionLab).

January 28, 2010 Rebranded for the Oracle acquisition. through the years »» please »» keep »» scrolling »» right »» »»

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Notes by Martin Hardee, manager 1997-1999. Graphics by Martin and Gladina Guinto.

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